Skynet 5A


Skynet 5A
Mission typeMilitary communications
OperatorParadigm Secure Communications
EADS Astrium
On behalf of British Ministry of Defence
COSPAR ID2007-007B
SATCAT no.30794Edit this on Wikidata
Mission duration15 years
Spacecraft properties
ManufacturerEADS Astrium
Launch mass4,700 kilograms (10,400 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date11 March 2007 (2007-03-11)
RocketAriane 5ECA
Launch siteKourou ELA-3
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric

Skynet 5A is the first in a series of new-generation Skynet military communications satellites, used by the British Ministry of Defence.[1] It was launched aboard an Ariane 5 carrier rocket at 22:03 GMT on 11 March 2007.[2][3]


Skynet 5A was one of two payloads orbited by the first Arianespace Ariane 5 launch of 2007. India's INSAT 4B communications satellite was launched on the same rocket.

It was originally planned for launch on 10 March, but due to a problem with a sensor controlling the launch pad water deluge system, the launch was delayed one day.


Skynet 5A was built by EADS Astrium, who also selected Ariane 5 as the carrier rocket to launch all three Skynet 5-series satellites. Their design is based on the Eurostar E3000 satellite bus.


Skynet 5A is being used to provide secure communications services for the British armed forces and NATO. Skynet 5A had a launch mass of 4.7 tonnes, and operates with a payload power of 5 kilowatts, four times more than the previous-generation Skynet 4 satellites.

It is operated by Paradigm Secure Communications, a commercial organisation which is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS Astrium, on behalf of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence.

Skynet 5A is located at 6 degrees East


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