Socialist Janata Dal


Socialist Janata Dal or SJD is a party split from the Janata Dal (United) party. "Socialist Janata Dal" had an alliance with National Democratic Alliance (India) in Kerala and it also supported the NDA in the center. The leader of the party is V. V. Rajendran.State secretary general Adv. Johny k john.

Socialist Janata Dal
PresidentV. V. Rajendran[1]
Split fromJanata Dal (United)
Labour wingUnorganised Workers
Democratic socialism
Colours   Orange, Green
AllianceNational Democratic Alliance (India)[2]

State general secretary

S. Santhoshkumar(Dist. President, Tvm)

State general secretary

BT. Rema

State president VS. Raj Lal (socialist yuvajanatha)

State general secretary (Socialist yuvajanatha) Vishnu v raj


The "Socialist Janata Dal" Party has been working with NDA since March 2014.[3]


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