Sokles was an ancient Greek potter, active in the middle of the 6th century BC, in Athens. The following signed Little-master cups or fragments thereof are known, all of them painted by the Sokles Painter:

  • Berlin, Antikensammlung F 1781
  • Bolligen, Collection Rolf Blatter
  • Daskyleion, Excavation E 108.107
  • Madrid, Museo Arqueologico Nacional 10947 (L 56)
  • Malibu (CA), J. Paul Getty Museum 86.AE.158
  • Oxford, Ashmolean Museum 1929.498
  • Switzerland, private collection
  • Taranto, Museo Archeologico Nazionale 20910

He belongs to the group of so-called Little masters. A red-figure plate in Paris, Louvre CA 2181, painted in style similar to that of the painter Paseas, is signed by a potter named Soklees. Whether that craftsman is identical with the black-figure potter Sokles remains unclear. The signature may also not be authentic.


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