Solar-powered fountain


A typical solar powered fountain
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A Solar-powered fountain is a decorative electrical fountain powered by a solar panel. The solar panel either forms a part of the fountain, or is separately mounted.


The basic model features a water pump connected to a solar panel. With no battery, the setup will not work during the night and may not function during cloudy conditions.[1] If the solar-powered fountain is intended to be used in regions with overcast conditions, then the setup must include a battery bank which stores energy when sun is available, and uses it during cloudy weather and the night.[1]

Floating pumps incorporating a solar panel can be used outdoors. The panels can also be installed separately, with connections running from the panel to the pump. Such types of fountains can be installed in shady regions and even indoors.[2]



  • Higher cost compared to conventional fountains due to solar panels.
  • Requires battery banks to use during night time.[3]


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