Solar power in Greece


Development of solar power in Greece started in 2006 and installations of photovoltaic systems skyrocketed from 2009 because of the appealing feed-in tariffs introduced and the corresponding regulations for domestic applications of rooftop solar PV. As of 2019, 90% of the ca. 2.5 GWp capacity was installed in 2011, 2012 and 2013. However, funding the FITs created an unacceptable deficit of more than €500 million in the Greek "Operator of Electricity Market" RES fund. To reduce that deficit, new regulations were introduced in August 2012 including retrospective feed-in tariffs reduction,[1] with further reductions over time.[2] These measures enabled the deficit to be erased by 2017.[3]

Auctions have replaced FITs and after stagnating since 2013, as of 2019 Greece is again installing hundreds of MWp per year.[3]

By April 2015, the total installed photovoltaic capacity in Greece had reached 2,442.6 MWp from which 350.5 MWp were installed on rooftops and the rest were ground mounted.[4] Greece ranks 5th worldwide with regard to per capita installed PV capacity and PV covers 7% of the country's electricity demand in 2019.[3]



Greece's largest photovoltaic (PV) power plants[5][6]
Location Capacity Description Constructed
Naoussa 7+7 MW Photovoltaic plants cluster 2013
Florina 4.3 MW Florina industrial zone 2009
Volos 2 MW Photovoltaic power plant Volos 2009
Thebes 2 MW Photovoltaic power plant Thebes 2009
Koutsopodi 1.997 MW 2009
Tripoli 1.99 MW 2009
Pournari 1.25 MW 2009
Iliopenditiki 1 MW 2009
Pontoiraklia 944 kW 2009
Kythnos 100 kW 2009
Sifnos 60 kW 1998
Tavros, ILPAP Building 20 kW 2009
Ethel Station 20 kW 2009
Maroussi, Eirini station 20 kW 2009


Greece's largest photovoltaic (PV) power plants[6][7]
Location Capacity Description Constructed
Kozani 200–300 MW Park of Kozani
Megalopoli 50 MW Park of Megalopoli
Crete 0.48 MW Park of Atherinolakos

Deployment in watts per capita

European PV growth in watts per capita 1992–2014
  <0.1, n/a
Worldwide photovoltaic deployment in watts per capita by country

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