Solar power in Ukraine


Solar power in Ukraine is obtained from photovoltaics or solar thermal energy. In 2011, 90% of electricity came from nuclear and coal. In order to reduce this, Ukraine adopted a feed-in tariff (FIT) which was one of the highest in the world - UAH 5.0509 (EUR 0.46) per kWh. Europe's largest solar park at the time, the 100 MW Perovo Solar Park (Now, Nikopol solor park, Ukraine) was completed at the end of 2011.[1] High feed in tariffs do however run the risk of creating a short term boom in installations followed by a bust and stagnation especially when they remain fixed as was the case of Spain. Installations in Ukraine began to boom in 2018 but there remained a doubt that the expansion would be sustainable and the costs and benefits of the rapid development would be spread unequally.

Solar potential in Ukraine

The government announced in the law on green auctions, adopted in April 2019,[2] that the feed in tariffs would be replaced by an auction based quota system coming in force in 2020 for all solar PV systems greater than 1 MW,[3] which if applied effectively could facilitate a larger and sustainable solar development in the country. Households in 2020 will still be able to obtain a green FIT tariff for systems up to 50 kW in size[4] which can be either rooftop or ground mounted solar systems.


In 1985 there was SPP-5 [uk] (SES-5, 5MW), first and last build solar station in Soviet Union near town of Shcholkine in Crimea. It was stopped in 1990s and demolished afterwards.

2019 DTEK inaugurates 240 MW solar plant in Ukraine.[5]

Installed capacityEdit

Domestic PV installations in Ukraine

The latest information about installed solar energy capacity in Ukraine, is kept up to date by the national power company UKRENERGO.[6]

  • 407,9 MW SPP - is in the occupied territory of the Crimea[7]
History of Photovoltaic Deployment
Year Σ Installed
Δ Installed
2010 3 3 n.a.
2011 196 193 n.a. [8]
2012 326 130 n.a. [9]
2013 616 290 563 [9]
2014 411 71 485
2015 432 20 475
2016 568 99 492
2017 742 245 715 [10][11]
2018 1388 716 1,101 [12][13]
2019 4925 3537 2,412 [14][15]

Residential solar powerEdit

Households in Ukraine tend on average to have larger solar PV systems than in other countries. The feed in tariff is available for larger systems and from 2020 may be up to 50 kW and can be both rooftop or ground mounted. In March 2019 the power of residential solar was an average of 21.5 kW per family.[16] In western Europe residential solar is typically 3-5 kW per household.

As of March 31, 2019 there were 8,850 households with rooftop solar in Ukraine, with a total capacity of 190 MW. Investments in these power plants amounted to about 180 million euros. The largest number of rooftop solar units were installed in the Dnipropetrovsk region at 1072 units. In the Kyiv region - 904 units, in Ternopil region - 808 units, in Ivano-Frankivsk region - 580 units, and in Kirovohrad region- 562 units.

In Q2, solar panels were installed on over 3,000 additional households with a total added capacity of more than 85 MW, which was more than double the first quarter of 2019.

By Q3 2019 the total installed capacity of installed solar in households was 280 MW, a 100 fold increase on 2015 levels, and the investment of households in solar energy amounted to EUR 240 million. The largest residential solar systems in 2019 were installed in households in Dnipropetrovsk, Ternopil and Kyiv regions (including Kyiv). These three regions account for more than a third of all households using solar energy.[17]

Large scale solar power parksEdit

A screenshot from March 2020 of the online web-portal maintained by the Ukrainian national grid operator (UKRENERGO). It includes a list of all utility scale solar power facilities. Source: UKRENERGO website
Name MW Location
Okhotnykovo Solar Park (Crimea) 82.65 45°14′20″N 33°35′34″E / 45.23889°N 33.59278°E / 45.23889; 33.59278
Perovo Solar Park (Crimea) 100 44°55′N 34°02′E / 44.917°N 34.033°E / 44.917; 34.033
Starokozache Solar Park 42.95 46°28′N 30°44′E / 46.467°N 30.733°E / 46.467; 30.733
Nikopol Solar Park [uk] 246
Danube Solar Park [uk] 43.14
Mytiaeve Solar Park [uk] 31.55
Lymanske Solar Park [uk] 43.4
Tryfonivka Solar Park [uk] 10
Solar Chornobyl [uk] 100
Pokrovske Solar Park [uk] 240
Kamianets-Podilskyi Solar Park [uk] 63

Changes to Energy MarketsEdit

In 2019, changes were announced to the Ukrainian energy market operations that have significant impacts on the growth and operation of large scale solar facilities in Ukraine. These include a new generous feed-in-tariff scheme[18] and the requirement for solar energy facilities to provide their own energy generation forecasts.[19]


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