Solomon Schindler


Rabbi Solomon Schindler

Solomon Schindler (1842–1915) was a rabbi and author.


He was born at Neisse, Germany, and was educated at Breslau. After emigrating to the United States in 1871, he served as minister of congregations at Hoboken, New Jersey, and in Boston, Massachusetts (at Temple Israel) until 1894. He was also a member of the Boston School Board during 1888–1894. During 1895–1899 he was superintendent of the Federation of Jewish Charities of Boston and thenceforth until 1909, when he retired, served as superintendent of the Leopold Morse Home. He also became a Baal teshuva.[1]


  • Messianic Expectations and Modern Judaism (1886)
  • Dissolving Views of the History of Judaism (1888)
  • Young West: A Sequel to Bellamy's Looking Backward (1894)


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