Soyuz GVK


Soyuz GVK (Союз ГВК)
Country of originRussia
OperatorRussian Federal Space Agency
ApplicationsCarry cargo to and from a Space station
Spacecraft typeCargo spacecraft
Launch massUp to 8,020kg
Payload capacity2,000kg
Crew capacity0
Dimensions2.70m width, 7.23m span
RegimeLow Earth orbit
Design life30 Days (Free flight), 370 Days (Docked to Space station)
StatusIn Development
Maiden launch2022 (Planned)
Related spacecraft
Derived fromSoyuz MS

The Soyuz GVK is a Russian uncrewed cargo spacecraft currently under development, with its first flight expected to occur in 2022.[1] Like the uncrewed Progress cargo spacecraft, the Soyuz GVK is based on the crewed Soyuz spacecraft. However, the Soyuz GVK will be capable of returning to Earth and bringing cargo back whereas the Progress burns up in Earth's atmosphere upon the end of its mission. The only other resupply spacecraft capable of bringing cargo down from orbit is the SpaceX Dragon 2 cargo spacecraft.[2] Soyuz GVK will be able to deliver 2,000 kg to orbit and return 500 kg back to Earth.[3]

It is planned to launch on board a Soyuz 2.1b booster.[4]


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