Soyuz MS-21


Soyuz MS-21
Mission typeISS crew transport
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeSoyuz MS
Start of mission
Launch date18 March 2022 (planned) [1][2]
Launch siteBaikonur Cosmodrome, Site 31
ContractorProgress Rocket Space Centre
End of mission
Landing dateTBD
Landing siteKazakh Steppe
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric orbit
RegimeLow Earth orbit
Docking with ISS
Docking portPrichal nadir
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Soyuz MS-21 is a Russian Soyuz spaceflight to the International Space Station with a crew of three planned for launch from Baikonur on 18 March 2022. The launch was previously planned for 30 March 2022, but in the provisional flight manifest prepared by Roscosmos by the end of Summer 2020, the launch of Soyuz MS-21 was advanced to 18 March 2022.[1]


The three-Russian member crew was named in May 2021.[3] Although NASA has not decided whether or not they will purchase a seat on the flight, NASA astronaut Loral O'Hara is preparing to replace Korsakov if the agency decides to buy a seat.[4]

Position Crew member
Commander Russia Oleg Artemyev, Roscosmos
Expedition 67
Third spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 Russia Denis Matveev, Roscosmos
Expedition 67
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 Russia Sergey Korsakov, Roscosmos
Expedition 67
First spaceflight

Backup crew

Position Crew member
Commander Russia Sergey Prokopyev, Roscosmos
Flight Engineer 1 Russia Anna Kikina, Roscosmos
Flight Engineer 2 Russia Dmitriy Petelin, Roscosmos


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