Sozina Tunnel
LocationSutomore, Montenegro
Coordinates42°10′57″N 19°02′29″E / 42.1825°N 19.0414°E / 42.1825; 19.0414Coordinates: 42°10′57″N 19°02′29″E / 42.1825°N 19.0414°E / 42.1825; 19.0414
Opened13 July 2005
No. of lanes2

The Sozina Tunnel (Cyrillic: Тунел Созина) is a road tunnel in Montenegro, and is a part of the M-1.1 highway (E65 and E80 European routes).[1] It is located north of Sutomore and south of Virpazar, and is designed to bypass the "Paštrovska Gora" mountain range that separates Montenegrin coast from Zeta plain and Skadar Lake basin. The road tunnel "Sozina" is 4,189 m long, and is the longest and most modern vehicular tunnel in Montenegro (however this is not the longest tunnel in Montenegro since the eponymous train tunnel is 6 km in length). It was opened on July 13, 2005, Montenegro's national day. It was built at the cost of 70 million euros. Since July 15, 2005, the toll is collected at the tunnel entrance, using an open toll system. To this day, this toll tunnel is one of two parts of Montenegrin road network where toll is collected, the other one being Sitnica toll booth on the M-1, near Bosnian border.

Sozina tunnel shortens the journey from the capital of Podgorica to Bar, Montenegro's main port, by some 25 km. The trip between the two cities now takes about an hour.


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