Dragon capsule C106
SpaceX CRS-11 Dragon capsule after splashdown.jpg
C106 after post-splashdown recovery from CRS SpX-11 mission
Role Space capsule
Cargo spacecraft
National origin United States
Type Dragon CRS cargo capsule
Manufacturer SpaceX
Construction number C106
First flight CRS-4 (21 September–25 October 2014)
Last flight CRS-11 (3 June–3 July 2017)
Flights 2

The SpaceX Dragon C106 is a Cargo Dragon space capsule built by SpaceX.[1] It is the first reused SpaceX Dragon capsule to be reflown into space, having its second launch in 2017.[2] This marked the second occasion that SpaceX launched previously spacelaunched hardware, after reusing Falcon 9 first stage B1021 earlier in 2017.[3] Capsule 106 was first used on mission NASA SpaceX CRS-4, and then used again for the NASA SpaceX CRS-11 mission.[4] This reuse of the spacecraft marks a milestone in SpaceX's drive to reduce spacelaunch costs through reusing hardware.[5]

Spacecraft history

C106 was built as the sixth production Dragon capsule.[6]

This new Dragon was launched in September 2014 for the NASA CRS SpX-4 mission to the International Space Station (ISS). It splashed down in October 2014, and was successfully retrieved.[7][8]

To prepare for its second flight, it had its heatshield replaced; the hull, avionics, and Draco thrusters were refurbished.[9]

The refurbished Dragon was relaunched in June 2017 for the NASA CRS SpX-11 mission to the ISS.[10][5] It splashed down and was successfully recovered in July 2017.[11]

Flight history

C106 in free-flight approaching the International Space Station during the SpX-4 mission
C106 in free-flight after leaving the International Space Station during the SpX-11 mission
C106 flights[1][6]
Flight # Mission Launch date (UTC) Landing date (UTC) Liftoff Landing Notes
1 SpaceX CRS-4 Patch.png NASA CRS-4 21 September 2014 25 October 2014 [12]
2 SpaceX CRS-11 Patch.png NASA CRS-11 3 June 2017 3 July 2017 This was the 100th launch from Launch Pad 39A [1][13][11]


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