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Space Development Agency
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SDA headquarters, the Pentagon
Agency overview
FormedMarch 12, 2019; 2 years ago (2019-03-12)
TypeDepartment of Defense Agency
HeadquartersThe Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia, US
38°52′16″N 77°03′22″W / 38.871°N 77.056°W / 38.871; -77.056Coordinates: 38°52′16″N 77°03′22″W / 38.871°N 77.056°W / 38.871; -77.056
  • Semper Citius
  • (Latin: "Always Faster")
Agency executives
  • Derek Tournear, Director
  • Ryan C. Frigm, Deputy Director
Parent departmentU.S. Department of Defense
Parent agencyUnder Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

The Space Development Agency (SDA) is a directorate of the United States Department of Defense's office of the under secretary of defense for research and engineering (OUSD (R&E)) which supports space development in the interests of U.S. national security. By design,[1] the functions for acquisition and sustainment (A&S) are the responsibility of another under secretary of defense; this separation of function decouples the technology development of a working prototype system, even the systems as complicated as those taken on by the SDA, from overcomplication induced by the processes of the DoD.[41]

The SDA was created in 2019[42] to implement the National Defense Space Architecture (NDSA).[24] The SDA plans to transfer to the United States Space Force around October 2022, although details are still uncertain.[43]

Earth's satellites in: Low earth orbit— LEO (blue); Medium earth orbit— MEO (green); Cislunar distances (red): If one were to hold a blue marble out at arm's length, one would see Earth's size and shape from the perspective of the astronauts travelling to the Moon.

Projects and research

Transport layer of the National Defense Space Architecture (NDSA)

Among the SDA projects:

  • "Optical communications between satellites, and from satellites to a military drone aircraft".[17][18][6][24]
  • Provide a resilient, persistent response to ballistic missile detection[4][19][16]
  • Build the JADC2[44] satellite backbone[3][15] using the National Defense Space Architecture (NDSA)[45][12]
    • The satellite constellations are in near-polar low earth orbit.[46] Hundreds of satellites are expected by the end of the 2020s.[24] "Would you be able to take out some of these satellites? Probably. Would you be able to take out all of these satellites? Probably not, before you are going to have a really bad day."—Derek Tournear[21]: min -2:10 before the end of the video clip 
    • Rapid response launch proliferated C2[47][16][40]
      1. User equipment (Earth stations and weapon systems)[21]
      2. Transport layer intersatellite data[46]
      3. Tracking layer handles launched items,[48] connects to existing user equipment[45]
      4. Custody layer handles items not yet launched from objects as big as a truck,[49] connects to existing user equipment[45]
      5. Battle management ("autonomy, tipping and queuing and data fusion")[45][50]
      6. Navigation layer is not finalized, provides navigation & launch data[45]
      7. Deterrence layer is situational awareness of cislunar space vehicles[45]

List of directors

No. Director Term
Portrait Name Took office Left office Duration
Derek M. Tournear[51]
Tournear, Derek M.Derek M. Tournear[51]June 2019Incumbent~2 years, 120 days


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