Space Operations Squadron (JASDF)


Space Operations Squadron
Space Operation Squadron.png
Founded18 May 2020 (1 year, 4 months)[1]
Country Japan
Branch Japan Air Self-Defense Force
RoleSpace operations
HeadquartersFuchū Air Base
FlagFlag of the Space Operations Squadron of JASDF.svg

Space Operations Squadron (宇宙作戦隊, uchuu-saku sentai) is a Japan Air Self-Defense Force unit based at Fuchu Air Base in Fuchu, Tokyo.[2] It is responsible for the JASDF's space domain awareness capability, integrating surveillance data from a sensor near Sanyo-Onoda in Yamaguchi Prefecture, along with data supplied by JAXA and the United States Space Force. The unit also conducts satellite navigation and satellite communications for other military units.[3][4][5]


The SOS was established in May 18, 2020 in a ceremony held by the Japanese Ministry of Defense with 20 JASDF personnel.[6] A JASDF spokesman said that the SOS will have 100 personnel in the future.[6]

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