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Sri Sathya Narayana High School
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Coordinates12°38′41″N 75°06′26″E / 12.6447°N 75.1073°E / 12.6447; 75.1073Coordinates: 12°38′41″N 75°06′26″E / 12.6447°N 75.1073°E / 12.6447; 75.1073

Sri Sathya Narayana High School, Perla (known as SNHS, Perla)[1][2][3][4][5][6] is an aided high school situated in Perla, Enmakaje village of Kasaragod district, Kerala State of India. It provides education till class X in Kannada and English as languages of instruction. This co-educational school is affiliated to the General Education Department of the Government of Kerala.


It was established by Sri Parthaje Venkatramana Bhat as a primary school in 1925 and later it was upgraded to a high school in the year 1945. This school is aided and recognized by the Government of Kerala.

The manager of the school is Shri Krishna Viswamithra[citation needed] (son of Sri Parthaje Venkatramana Bhat) and the headmaster is B Rajendra.[citation needed]


This locality is an essentially multi-lingual region. The people speak Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu, Beary bashe and Konkani. Migrant workers also speak Hindi and Tamil languages.


This village is part of Manjeswaram assembly constituency which is again part of Kasaragod (Lok Sabha constituency)


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