Symbols of New Brunswick


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New Brunswick is one of Canada's provinces, and has established several provincial symbols.[1]

Official SymbolsEdit

Symbol Image Adopted Remarks
Crest of the Lieutenant Governor Crest of the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick
1982 Formally approved 1980
Flag of the Lieutenant Governor Flag of the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick
1982 Formally approved 1980
Coat of arms Coat of Arms of New Brunswick
September 25, 1984 Coat of arms granted by royal proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II
Motto Spem reduxit
Hope was restored
1784 Adopted as part of the colony's Great Seal in 1784
Shield of arms Shield of arms of New Brunswick
May 26, 1868 Shield of arms granted by the Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria.
Flag Flag of New Brunswick
February 24, 1965 Duplicates the design of the shield of arms of New Brunswick
Tree Balsam Fir
Abies balsamea
May 1, 1987 The balsam fir accounts for 97 per cent of the New Brunswick Christmas tree industry.
Bird Black-capped chickadee
Parus atricapillus
August 1983 "The black-capped chickadee was proclaimed as the official bird of New Brunswick in August 1983, following a contest conducted by the provincial Federation of Naturalists."[1]
Flower Purple violet

Viola cucullata

1936 "The flower was adopted as the New Brunswick floral emblem in 1936, at the request of the provincial Women's Institute, the Lieutenant Governor and New Brunswick schoolchildren."[1]
Soil Holmesville Soil Series February 13, 1997 Holmesville Soil is a fertile soil that provides high yields of both agriculture and forest crops.
Tartan Forest green, meadow green and blue, interwoven with gold, with red blocks
1959 The provincial tartan was registered with the Court of Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland.


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