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TEDxWarsaw is an independently organized TED event, run annually since March 2010. It was the first and it currently is the largest TEDx event in Poland.


TEDxWarsaw was founded in August 2009 by Ralph Talmont together with Adam Liwiński and Maciej Michalski. Łukasz Alwast, Julian Kozankiewicz, Małgorzata Minta and Mateusz Nowak joined the Team soon after. As at March 2017, close to 40 individuals, and numerous partners are involved on a voluntary basis in organization of public TEDx events in Warsaw.

Apart from the annual, invitation only, day-long conference, a number of smaller events are also created by Team members, notably TEDxYouth@Warsaw, TEDxWarsawSalon and TEDxWarsawPresidentialPalace - the first TEDx event in the World to be held inside such an institution. All of these are free to attend, while guests are usually required to go through an application process.

As at March 2017 well over 200 speakers and artists have appeared at the various TEDxWarsaw events, including well-known scientists, actors and performers as well as less well-known thought leaders and achievers in fields ranging from business to photography and personal development to microbiology.


Date Venue Theme No. of guests
23 March 2017 Multikino, Złote Tarasy Crunchtime 850
31 March 2016 Polin, Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich In a Heartbeat 550
18 March 2015 Teatr Polski, Warsaw The Little Things 850
13 March 2014 Multkino, Złote Tarasy Embrace the other 1400
21 March 2013 Multikino, Złote Tarasy Poke the Comfort Zone 850
22 March 2012 Multikino, Złote Tarasy Inspire to be Inspired 800
24 March 2011 Copernicus Science Center Looking In Looking Out 550
5 March 2010 The Old Library, University of Warsaw Collaboration 350

The conference has grown continuously and expanded its audience size to meet demand. The fourth edition of TEDxWarsaw was watched via a live stream by a total of 42,000 people worldwide with peak viewership of 14,000 at the opening.

The 2013 event received "live" [1] in Gazeta Wyborcza one of the main Polish newspapers and was a trending topic on Polish Twitter. As noted in one of the blog posts about the event, TEDxWarsaw's hand-picked audience is very diverse, ranging from high school students to the elderly, and includes many different professions, from public servants to entrepreneurs and artists to scientists.

Featured Speakers

Year Name Domain
2013 Joanna Bagniewska Zoologist
Mark Borkowski PR expert
Zofia Borkowska Choir leader
Małgorzata Chmielewska Nun and community organizer
Mikela Eskanazi Mobile strategist
F.O.U.R.S. Jazz quartet
Andrzej Godlewski Journalist and TV executive
Zuzanna Lewandowska Social entrepreneur & innovator
Benny Lewis Blogger, "language-hacker"
Louis-Philippe Loncke Adventurer
Johnathan MacDonald Strategist and digital consultant
Katarzyna Miller Psychotherapist
Audrey Scott & Daniel Noll Travel bloggers
Kacper Nosarzewski Foresight consultant
Adrianna Patłaszyńska Dancer
Hanna Paulomäki Oceanographer
Kristin Pedemonti Storyteller
Piotr Skowroński Nuclear physicist
Agata Szostek User experience design consultant
Kuba Urbański Biologist
Wojciech Urbański Sound designer
Adam Wajrak Journalist
Cezary Wójcik Professor of leadership
2012 Brien Barnett Journalist
Tom Bieling Industrial designer
Christian Dumais Writer, humorist and lecturer
F.O.U.R.S. Jazz quartet
Karolina Glazer Vocalist and composer
Jamie Keddie Writer and educator
Pepe Kabana Kijachi Artist, writer, storyteller
Krzysztof Klincewicz Academic, professor of management
Aga Kozak Film critic, popular culture journalist
Jakub Koźniewski Designer
Ola Lazar Food blogger and author
Anna Lichota Banker, mountaineer, philanthropist
Barbara Majewska Voice artist and singing coach
Renata Mieńkowska-Norkienne Political scientist
Kuba Pogorzelski Percussionist and sociologist
Edi Pyrek Traveller, author and personal coach
Michael Schudrich Chief Rabbi of Poland
Karolina Sulej Fashion researcher
Rafał Trzaskowski Member of the European Parliament
Karol Wójcicki Astronomer
2011 Marianna Bednarska Musician
Wojciech Eichelberger Psychotherapist
Paweł Golik Geneticist
Tomasz Grzywaczewski Adventurer
Marcin Jamkowski Writer, photographer, adventurer
Stanisław Karpiński Molecular biologist
Marcin Kobylecki Computer graphics producer
Oskar Korkman Consumer insights director
Mark Krawczyński Architect and pianist
Toshi Nakamura & Ewa Wojkowska Social entrepreneurs
Grzegorz Niedźwiecki Paleontologist
Karol Okrasa Chef
Grzegorz Piątek Architecture critic
Grzegorz Piechota Journalist and editor
Krzysztof Rybiński Economist
Tomek Sikora Photographer
Wojtek Sówka Artist and musician
Martin Varsavsky Tech entrepreneur
Kushtrim Xhakli Education entrepreneur
2010 pl:Edwin Bendyk Journalist and current affairs commentator
pl:Richard Berkeley Actor, singer and coach
Sandra Bichl Coach and educator
Zbigniew Braniecki Computer scientist and social activist
Anna Dymna Actress and philanthropist
Anna Giza Sociologist
Ivan Hernandez Digital consultant
Hodg Hodgson Architect and sustainability activist
Lori Kent Artist and art professor
Stephen Kines Lawyer
Monika Konieczny Computer programmer
Noam Kostucki Education entrepreneur
Krzysztof Ścierański, Tom Ludvigson and Paul Wertico Musicians
Michał Malinowski Storyteller, curator, oral historian
Marek Minakowski Genealogist and historian
Jacek Olechowski Entrepreneur
Johnathan Ornstein Community organiser
Sebastian Straube Sustainability consultant
Paweł Szczęsny Biologist
Alek Tarkowski Sociologist, Creative Commons leader
Patrick Trompitz Educator and community builder
Piotr Wardawy Monk
Agata Wiatrowska Horse-assisted educator


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