TIC 172900988 b


TIC 172900988 b
Planetary transits
Orbital characteristics
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
0.9876 RJ
Mass2.84 MJ
Mean density
3.91 g/cm3

TIC 172900988 b is a confirmed circumbinary exoplanet with a mass of 2.84 MJ and a density of 3.91 g/cm3. TIC 172900988 b orbits every 200.5 days at an eccentricity of 0.055. The distance of the orbited star system TIC 172900988 (AB), a double star, from our solar system is 246.263 (± 0.904) pc.[1][2]


Mass and radius

TIC 172900988 b has a mass of 2.84 MJ, with a radius of 0.9876 RJ.[1] It is relatively dense for a gas giant.


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