Takumi Corporation


Takumi Corporation
IndustryVideo games
Defunctcirca 2010-2015
Key people
Tomoaki Fujimoto
ProductsTwin Cobra II
Giga Wing series
Mars Matrix
Number of employees
DivisionsSoftware, hardware, sales, business operation
Websitetakumi-net.co.jp (archived)

Takumi Corporation (タクミコーポレーション, Takumi Kōporēshon) was a Japanese video game company founded in 1994 that is famous for developing arcade shoot 'em ups.

Following Toaplan's bankruptcy, some of the former staff went to Takumi. Among Toaplan's offshoots, only Takumi has developed any sequels to former Toaplan games.

Takumi is one of the splinter companies formed when the company Toaplan disbanded in 1994, the others being Cave, 8ing/Raizing, and Gazelle.

The company had also produced soundtrack albums.

Developed products

Video games

Medal games

  • Crusher Mako-chan (1999)
  • Horutoru Bomber (1999)
  • Koro Koro Quest (1999)
  • Shuffle Gakuen (Unknown)

Prize games

  • 4x4 Rally
  • Bingo de Bingo!
  • Go! Go! Pen-Suke
  • Rolling Soccer


  • "Kyuukyouku Tiger II" Official soundtrack
  • "Giga Wing" Official soundtrack
  • "Mars Matrix/Giga Wing 2" Official soundtrack
  • "Night Raid" Official soundtrack
  • "Blast! Shooting Game Sound Omnibus Vol.1"


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