Tampa International Airport People Movers
TPA 2018 - SkyConnect (left) and Airside A (right) People Movers.jpg
SkyConnect (left) and Airside A (right) people movers
TypeAutomated guideway transit/monorail
LocaleTampa International Airport
Opened1971 (original C-100s)
1996 (current APM 100s)
Rolling stock

The Tampa International Airport People Movers are a set of automated people mover systems operating within Tampa International Airport. The primary set of people movers are automated guideway transit (AGT) systems that connect the airport’s main terminal to four satellite airside concourses. Opened in 1971, it is the first automated people mover system in the world built within an airport. A monorail has run between the main terminal and the long-term parking garage since 1991. A fifth AGT line known as SkyConnect began operating in 2018, and connects the main terminal with the airport’s economy parking garage and rental car center.

Airside systems

Airside systems
Main terminal/
short-term parking
Airside D
(Gates D46–D61)
Airside C
(Gates C30–C45)
Airside E
(Gates E62–E75)
Airside B
(Gates B19–B29)
Airside F
(Gates F77–F90)
Airside A
(Gates A1–A18)

The four currently operating airside automated guideway transit (AGT) people mover systems connect the main terminal on Level 3 to airside concourses A, C, E, and F. Each line consists of two guideways, and each guideway carries a two-car train. Passengers board on an island platform between the two guideways and disembark on side platforms. The airside systems opened in 1971 and are the world's first airport automated people movers.[1] This system is similar to the Orlando International Airport People Movers.

The airside systems opened in 1971 and originally used eight C-100 vehicles built by Westinghouse's transportation division. The division eventually became Adtranz, which was later acquired by Bombardier Transportation. The original vehicles were replaced with similar Bombardier Innovia APM 100 vehicles in 1996. The infrastructure for the now-defunct lines to the former Airsides B and D still remain, but the vehicles have been removed.


Main terminal/
short-term parking
 Yeager elevators 
 Sikorsky elevators 
 Armstrong elevators 
 Earhart elevators 
 Wright elevators 
 Lindbergh elevators 
 Jannus elevators 
 Goddard elevators 
Long-term parking

An automated monorail system, opened in 1991, connects the main terminal on Level 5 to the long-term parking garage.[2] It stops at each elevator bank in both buildings. The monorail system utilizes Bombardier UM III vehicles (which are also used on the Jacksonville Skyway).[3]


Main terminal/
short-term parking
Economy parking
Rental car center

A fifth AGT people mover line named SkyConnect opened in February 2018.[4] It has stations on Level 4 at the main terminal (right above the former line to Airside B), the economy parking garage, and the rental car center.[5] Unlike the airside systems, SkyConnect uses Mitsubishi Crystal Mover vehicles.

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