Tangut script


The Tangut script (Tangut: 𗼇𗟲; Chinese: 西夏文; pinyin: Xī Xià Wén; lit. 'Western Xia script') was a logographic writing system, used for writing the extinct Tangut language of the Western Xia dynasty. According to the latest count, 5863 Tangut characters are known, excluding variants.[1] The Tangut characters are similar in appearance to Chinese characters,[2] with the same type of strokes, but the methods of forming characters in the Tangut writing system are significantly different from those of forming Chinese characters. As in Chinese calligraphy, regular, running, cursive and seal scripts were used in Tangut writing.

The Art of War-Tangut script.jpg
The Art of War written in Tangut
Script type
CreatorYeli Renrong
Time period
Directiontop-to-bottom, columns right-to-left, left-to-right Edit this on Wikidata
LanguagesTangut language
Related scripts
Parent systems
ISO 15924
ISO 15924Tang, 520 Edit this on Wikidata, ​Tangut
Unicode alias
  • U+17000–U+187FF Tangut
  • U+18D00–U+18D7F Tangut Supplement
  • U+18800–U+18AFF Tangut Components
  • U+16FE0–U+16FFF Ideographic Symbols & Punct.