Tem language


Tem, or Kotokoli (Cotocoli), is a Gur language spoken in Togo, Ghana, and Benin. It is used by neighboring peoples. In Ghana the Kotokoli people comes from a northern part of the Volta Region a town called Koue. Koue shares boarder with Togo with a small river which is called the Koue river separating it from Togo.

RegionTogo, Ghana, Benin
EthnicityTem people
Native speakers
290,000 in Togo and Benin (2001–2012)[1]
ca. 50,000 in Ghana (1987–1993)[2]
Latin (Tem alphabet)
Tem Braille
Arabic (former)
Language codes
ISO 639-3kdh

Writing SystemEdit

Uppercase A B C D Ɖ E Ɛ F G Gb H I Ɩ J K Kp L M N Ny Ŋ Ŋm O Ɔ P R S T U Ʊ V W Y Z
Lowercase a b c d ɖ e ɛ f g gb h i ɩ j k kp l m n ny ŋ ŋm o ɔ p r s t u ʊ v w y z

High tone is indicated by an acute accent: á é ɛ́ í ɩ́ ó ɔ́ ú ʊ́, no accent indicates low tone. Long vowels are indicated by doubling the letter: aa ee ɛɛ ii ɩɩ oo ɔɔ uu ʊʊ, both are accented if the tone is high: (áá etc.), only the first is accented if the tone is descending (áa), only the second is accented if the tone is ascending (aá).


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