The Art of Grammar


The Art of Grammar (Greek: Τέχνη Γραμματική - or romanized, Téchnē Grammatikḗ) is a treatise on Greek grammar, attributed to Dionysius Thrax, who wrote in the 2nd century BC.


It is the first work on grammar in Greek, and also the first concerning a Western language.

It sought mainly to help speakers of Koine Greek understand the language of Homer, and other great poets of the past.[1]

It has become a source for how ancient texts should be acted out based on the experience from commonly read ancient authors.[2]

There are six parts to understanding grammar including trained reading by understanding the dialect from certain poetical figures.[3]

There is a nine-part word classification system, which strayed away from the previous eight-part classification system.[4]


It was translated into Syriac by Joseph Huzaya of the school of Nisibis in the 6th century.[5]

It was also translated into Armenian.[citation needed]


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