The Broken Bridge


First edition (publ. Macmillan)

The Broken Bridge is a 1990 young adult novel by Philip Pullman. Set in Wales around Cardigan Bay, it tells the story of Ginny Howard, a young mixed-race girl, an aspiring artist, who discovers she has a half-brother and that her mother may still be alive.[1]


Ginny is sixteen, life is great... She’s turning out to be a brilliant artist like her mother-who died when she was a baby-she loves her home by the sea and, best of all, Andy has come back for the summer. But Ginny’s perfect world is about to shatter. Her father has kept a devastating secret from her and, piece by piece, she discovers that everything he has told her about herself is a lie. So who is she? Ginny must return to the dark tragedies of the past to find out.


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