The Medusa Chronicles


The Medusa Chronicles is a 2016 science fiction novel by Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter, a sequel to Arthur C. Clarke's 1971 novella A Meeting with Medusa.

The Medusa Chronicles
Medusa Chronicles Baxter Reynolds cover.jpg
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreScience fiction
Publication date
May 2016
Media typePrint (hardcover)
Pages336 (hardcover)
ISBN978 147 321 0189
Preceded byA Meeting with Medusa 


The novel expands on the premise of Clarke's story, taking the main character into the distant future, while also going into the past to show that both the novel and the original Clarke story are set in an alternative history where in 1968, NASA and the Soviet space program united to prevent an asteroid from impacting Earth.


A reviewer of Publishers Weekly stated "The novel’s reach does come at the expense of some psychological depth, but fans of the authors’ other work won’t be disappointed."[1] Allen Stroud of SF Book Review mentioned "The Medusa Chronicles is an excellent read, continuing where Clarke left its principle character and expanding his ideas in a way that pays homage but also expresses the gift of the two writers who have chosen to take their pens to this future fiction world".[2]


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