The Memory of Eva Ryker


The Memory of Eva Ryker is a 1980 American TV movie starring Natalie Wood, Robert Foxworth and Ralph Bellamy. It was produced by Irwin Allen and directed by Walter Grauman.

The Memory of Eva Ryker
Directed byWalter Grauman
Produced byIrwin Allen
StarringNatalie Wood
Robert Foxworth
Ralph Bellamy
Roddy McDowall
Music byRichard LaSalle
Irwin Allen Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Release date
May 7, 1980

It was based on a 1978 novel by Donald Stanwood.[1]

Filming took place in late 1979.


A woman has spent her life tormented by the death of her mother, who was on a cruise ship torpedoed during World War II. When her father hires an investigator to look into the circumstances of her mother's death, it triggers a new rash of emotional turmoil for the woman.



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