Thomas Curtright


Thomas L. Curtright (born 1948) is a theoretical physicist at the University of Miami. He did undergraduate work in physics at the University of Missouri (B.S., M.S., 1970), and graduate work at Caltech (Ph.D., 1977) under the supervision of Richard Feynman.

Thomas Curtright
Alma materUniversity of Missouri
Known forCurtright field
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorRichard Feynman

He has made numerous influential contributions[1] in particle and mathematical physics, notably in supercurrent anomalies,[2] higher-spin fields (Curtright field), quantum Liouville theory,[3] geometrostatic sigma models, quantum algebras, and deformation quantization.

Curtright is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, a co-recipient (with Charles Thorn) of the SESAPS Jesse Beams Award, a University of Miami Cooper Fellow, and a recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award from the University's Senate. He is also the recipient of Distinguished Alumni Awards from the Department of Physics and Astronomy (2021) and from the College of Arts and Science (2022), University of Missouri at Columbia.

He has co-edited and co-authored several books [4], notably on quantum mechanics in phase space.[4][5]


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