Thudaka Range


The Thudaka Range is a mountain range located east of the Rocky Mountain Trench in British Columbia, Canada bounded by the Obo River on the east, the Frog River on the west, and on the south by the pass between Geese and Thudaka Creeks. The highest peak in the range is Thudaka Peak at 2,748 m (9,016 ft). The range is part of the Stikine Ranges.[1]

Thudaka Range
Highest point
PeakThudaka Peak
Elevation2,748 m (9,016 ft)
Coordinates57°55′36.8″N 126°50′53.9″W / 57.926889°N 126.848306°W / 57.926889; -126.848306
RegionBritish Columbia
Parent rangeStikine Ranges

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