Tiffany Valentine


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Tiffany Valentine (also known as "The Bride of Chucky") is a murderous doll and a character in the Child's Play horror film series. She is portrayed by Jennifer Tilly in both live-action and voice over in Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky,[1] Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky,[2] and Chucky.

Tiffany Valentine
Child's Play character
a character in the Child's Play franchise
Tiffany in Bride of Chucky
First appearanceBride of Chucky
Created byDon Mancini
Portrayed byJennifer Tilly
Blaise Crocker (young Tiffany; TV series)
Voiced byJennifer Tilly
In-universe information
Tiffany Valentine
Tiffany Ray
Jennifer Tilly
OccupationSerial killer
FamilyAlice Pierce (legal guardian; deceased)
Significant otherDelilah (sexual partner, deceased)
Damien Baylock (boyfriend, deceased)
Nica Pierce (possessed by Chucky)
Logan Wheeler (kissed, deceased)

As a human, Tiffany has bleached blonde hair and brown eyes, a gothic fashion style, and has a chest tattoo of a stabbed heart with Chucky written above it. After becoming a doll, Tiffany redoes her hair and makeup to resemble her human self, and wears a golden necklace that says "Tiff". Her physical appearance as a human and as a doll change throughout the franchise. Tiffany, like her love interest, Chucky, wants to transfer her soul to the human protagonist. She eventually transfers her soul to the body of a fictional version of Jennifer Tilly in Seed of Chucky, and later makes cameo appearances in Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky, the latter of which reveals that she has both a human form and a doll form.


Tiffany has many different personalities which can be a little skeptical. She dresses in a gothic fashion and can be described as a hopeless romantic. She has a "bimbo" hairstyle, but is sweet, creative, inventive, and somewhat feminist. Unlike Chucky, she possesses a genuinely kind and compassionate side, although she can be quite short-tempered. Also, she is more than capable of remorse. It is shown, in Bride of Chucky, that she loves deeply, believing "love would set her free". She is easily disappointed, terribly violent, psychotic and unforgiving when angered. She attempts to reform in Seed of Chucky, to "break her addiction" to killing. However, Tiffany's urge to maim is strong, and she continues to murder especially if it means helping Chucky.


In the 1980s, a redhead woman named Tiffany is picked up at a nightclub by Charles Lee Ray, who takes her back to a hotel with a woman named Delilah. As the two women start making out with each other, Charles takes out a knife and holds it over Tiffany. Instead of being afraid, Tiffany tells him to stab her, but Ray spares her and starts stabbing Delilah. Charles and Tiffany kill Delilah before they start kissing passionately on the bed. Tiffany then introduces herself and suggests Charles "should be Chucky", while he, in turn, suggests she should be blonde. Tiffany goes on to be Chucky's lover and accomplice. The couple left Hackensack in 1987 after killing a man selling his car and driving out of town in it.

Tiffany and Chucky settled in Chicago in 1988, they christened their new apartment by ordering pizza and killing the delivery boy. As time went on, tensions arose in their relationship after Tiffany caught Chucky killing a woman without her. Eventually, Tiffany calls the police and leaves an anonymous tip in order to get Chucky arrested. Chucky is shot in a toy store by police officer Mike Norris. However, before he is killed, Chucky manages to transfer his soul into the body of a Good Guy doll. After the news spread of Chucky's first killing spree as a doll, Tiffany spends the next ten years searching for the remains of Chucky, to bring him back to life.


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Bride of Chucky (1998)Edit

Tiffany sets up and murders a police officer in order to steal Chucky's remains from an evidence vault. Stitching and patching the remains together with new doll parts, she re-enacts the voodoo ritual which puts his soul inside the doll. When an argument reveals that Chucky has no intention of marrying her, an outraged and hurt Tiffany confines him in a playpen and taunts him with a bridal doll. Chucky soon breaks out of the pen and electrocutes Tiffany in her bath, leaving her lifeless. He repeats the chant which transfers her soul into the doll. Stuck in the same circumstances, they need the Heart of Damballa (a voodoo amulet) buried with Chucky's human remains in Hackensack, New Jersey. To escape their doll bodies, Tiffany phones and tricks a neighbor, Jesse, into transporting these "dolls" for $1000.

Several people are gruesomely killed during the road trip. Tiffany's particularly creative murder of a con-artist couple in a bridal suite moves Chucky to proclaim his love and propose to Tiffany; she accepts and they have sex. Jesse and Jade become wanted for the murders as all evidence links back to them; Chucky and Tiffany reveal they are alive and take the couple hostage, needing new wheels they steal a Campervan. The hostages instigate a fight between Chucky and Tiffany, Distracted, Jade kicks her into the oven and Jesse throws Chucky out the window, Jesse spins out which ends with their stolen Campervan crashing. Chucky forces Jade to his gravesite to retrieve the amulet when Jesse arrives to trade Tiffany for Jade. Chucky does so but quickly recaptures the couple and prepares to transfer Tiffany's soul into Jade. However, touched by Jade and Jesse's love, Tiffany stabs Chucky in order to stop his evil plan and they fight. Tiffany is stabbed in the heart by Chucky and avenged by Jade who shoots Chucky to death. As she lies dying, Tiffany gives birth to a bloody baby doll that attacks the crime investigator.

Seed of Chucky (2004)Edit

Chucky and Tiffany are brought back to life by their child when he reads the inscription on the Heart of Damballa. When they see he has no genitals, Tiffany sees it as proof the child is a girl and names it Glenda (feminizing the name, Glen, which Chucky had given to him previously). Now going by "Tiffany Ray", Tiffany plans to transport her soul into the body of Jennifer Tilly. They also plan to impregnate her and put Glen/Glenda's soul in the baby's body. Their plan is successful, as Jennifer swiftly gives birth to two babies, a boy and a girl. This works out perfectly as Glen/Glenda has a split personality: a sweet and caring boy, and a homicidal girl. However, Chucky decides to remain a doll, seeing that being human is not so great. Disturbed by this, Tiffany leaves Chucky, taking Glen/Glenda with her, causing Chucky to get angry.

Tiffany and Glen/Glenda go to Jennifer's hospital. Chucky follows them and hits her in the head with an axe for leaving him, thus killing her. However, at the very last minute, she successfully passes her soul into Jennifer before dying. Five years later, she is happily living in Hollywood while inhabiting Jennifer's body, and is raising the twins on her own. On the twins' birthday, one of the maids tries to quit her job because she is afraid of "troubled child" Glenda. Tiffany tells her she can go, but then beats her to death with her doll body. Her eyes then turn green while she evilly laughs. In the extended version, she then hides the body and tells Glenda to keep a secret.

Curse of Chucky (2013)Edit

Nine years after the events of Seed of Chucky, Tiffany's soul still possesses actress Jennifer Tilly's body. She does not appear on-screen until it is revealed that she was the one responsible for mailing Chucky out to Nica's home, facilitating his murder spree on the family he blames for his human death. She pays a police officer to get Chucky from evidence after Nica's trial and once he is in his car she jumps up from the back and slits his throat with a nail file. The status of their twins is never stated. Six months later, Tiffany mails Chucky to the home of Nica's niece, Alice, and he suffocates her paternal grandmother. Chucky attempts to transfer his soul into Alice and it is shown that the grandmother is still alive. Alice's fate is clearly unknown.

Cult of Chucky (2017)Edit

Four years after Nica Pierce was falsely imprisoned, Tiffany visits her in a mental institution after she was framed by Chucky for the murders of her family which Tiffany helped orchestrate. She is revealed to be the legal guardian of Nica's niece Alice and came to tell Nica that Alice had died, supposedly of a "broken heart". She leaves Chucky as a gift for Nica, saying that it was a gift from Alice. She later calls Andy Barclay and delivers a taunting message about Chucky's growing "Cult".

Tiffany later kills a security guard outside the Asylum, slitting his throat with a nail file. At the end of the film, Tiffany is reunited with Chucky (now possessing the body of Nica) and the two reaffirm their relationship with a kiss. Tiffany expresses some remorse at Alice's apparent death and says it was nice having her around. Chucky/Nica replies by saying "fuck that kid" and then they both begin laughing maniacally, along with the Tiffany doll sitting in the back of the car, which is revealed to hold part of Tiffany's soul before they drive off into the night.

Chucky (TV series)Edit

After leaving the Harrogate mental institution, Tiffany and Nica/Chucky drive back to Hackensack and stay in the local hotel. They have kidnapped two men, having already killed one of them and forcing the other man to watch them make out while he is bound and gagged. Laughing, Tiffany comments how they're putting on a nice show for him, but all he does is moan and complain. She gets up off the bed and asks the man what he wants, before mentioning that she herself is hungry and wants a snack, preferably Swedish meatballs. This angers Chucky, and the two get into an argument about how much Tiffany likes to eat. She storms out of the room, and later returns to find Chucky knocked down on the ground, unaware that moments before Nica briefly regained control of her body.

Sometime after, Tiffany is struggling to pack one of the men's bodies into a large suitcase. They have a brief fight about cutting the body into smaller pieces, so Tiffany uses a cleaver to cut one of the man's hands off. The resulting blood splatters on Chucky's face, causing Nica to regain control again. Later on, the two women play poker while Nica tries to keep up the façade that she is Chucky. Suspicious of "Chucky", Tiffany attempts to have him recall the details of their honeymoon at Niagara Falls. After Nica gives a generic answer to try to bluff her, Tiffany reveals that she knows Nica has regained control of her body. And to prove her theory, she stabbed Nica in the thigh 10 minutes ago which she has still not felt or noticed. Scared, Nica asks what she plans on doing with her. Tiffany then divulges that she has developed feelings for Nica over the years, and prefers spending time with her over Chucky. As an added surprise, she tells Nica that she bought the two of them a house in Hackensack, which in reality is Charles Lee Ray's childhood home. She comments that her only problem is figuring out how to keep Nica in control instead of "that rat Chucky", and then knocks Nica unconscious with a pan to the head.

Stuffing Nica in the trunk of her Pontiac, Tiffany drives to her newly purchased home to meet with realtor Gladys. Under the guise of Jennifer Tilly, she tells the realtor she and her fiancé will be moving in immediately and that it was her fiancé's childhood home. Before driving away, Gladys gives Tiffany a package that she had already received in the mail. She then gets Nica out of the trunk and takes her into the house, keeping her bound and gagged before leaving her alone inside.

With Jake no longer willing to help Chucky, he and Tiffany set their sights on his cousin, Junior. While at the funeral for Junior's mother, Tiffany arrives uninvited and approaches his father Logan. Kissing him in front of everyone, she quickly turns around and leaves without saying another word. Later that night, Tiffany drives to the Wheeler house, and honks her horn for Junior to come out. Giving him some Swedish meatballs, she says that it is a gift and claims that their Logan's favourite. She then asks if Jake is home, but Junior changes the subject and questions what she was doing with Logan at the funeral. She acts surprised that Logan never told him about them, and tells him not to tell anyone that she was there, before quickly leaving in her car.

She arrives back at Charles' childhood home and finds Nica lying on the ground, unaware that Chucky is in control. While Tiffany prepares to drug Nica, Chucky takes the opportunity to sweep her leg and knock her down. Holding a knife over her head, Chucky prepares to stab her, but stops when she reminds him that he needs her or their plan won't work. He ignores her and again goes to stab her, but halts when Junior and his Chucky doll enter the house, reminding Nica/Chucky that they do in fact need Tiffany. She excitedly picks up the Chucky doll, happy to finally be reunited with him, and they all go downstairs where an army of 72 possessed Good Guy dolls are waiting for them. The dolls are placed into Good Guy boxes and packed into a truck, and Tiffany leaves the home to pay the driver to drop the dolls off at the theatre tomorrow. Returning inside, she finds Chucky and Nica/Chucky are engaged in a conversation. She tries to get the doll's attention, but when she is ignored, she angrily remarks that he is the most self-involved man she's ever met, and a real man would know how to treat a lady. When Nica/Chucky makes a snide comment back, Tiffany slaps him so hard that he falls to the ground, causing Nica to regain control. The Chucky doll apologizes to her, and as he mentions that "getting over himself" takes real sacrifice, he demands that Tiffany kill Nica. Distraught, she cannot overcome her feelings for Nica and cannot bring herself to kill her. When Chucky commands Junior to kill Nica, Tiffany finally snaps and proceeds to decapitate the doll with her nail file. Junior attempts to help Chucky, but Tiffany reminds him that he needs her help to get out of Hackensack after the police find his father's corpse. Picking up the head, she tells Chucky that she is done with him for good before dropping him on the ground. She drugs Nica and has Junior tie her arms together, while she sets up a bomb to leave for Andy Barclay. With the bomb in place at the front door, she puts Nica in the backseat of her car and hops into the front with Junior before they drive away.

The next day, Tiffany poses as celebrity guest Jennifer Tilly at a special movie screening benefitting children's hospitals, held by Mayor Cross. The mayor announces that as part of the benefit, 72 children's hospitals across the country will be receiving a priceless gift from Jennifer's personal collection of vintage Good Guy dolls, which will ship immediately after the movie screening. The mayor's daughter Caroline wants the Chucky doll Tiffany is holding, so she allows Caroline to take it into the movie theatre with her. After the movie is finished that evening, Tiffany meets with the truck driver to ensure the dolls are delivered to the airport before the plane leaves at midnight. She walks back to her car but finds that it doesn't start, and she watches helplessly as Andy Barclay drives the truck away with the dolls inside. However, as Andy is on the road, the Tiffany doll breaks through the glass and holds him at gunpoint, demanding he keep driving.

Meanwhile, Tiffany returns to a secret location where she is keeping Nica, who is finally waking up from being drugged. She tells Nica that she really likes her, but she couldn't run the risk that Chucky would regain control. Therefore, she amputated Nica's arms and legs to prevent her from fighting back.

Other appearancesEdit

On the special features of the Seed of Chucky DVD, Tiffany sits alongside Chucky and Glen on a sofa in their family home, where they watch a slideshow of their holiday to various places. Nearly all of these places have evidence of Chucky having killed someone; this upsets Tiffany and makes Glen feel uncomfortable. Also on the special features of Seed of Chucky DVD, Chucky and Tiffany are interviewed by the Fuzion interviewer to promote the film.


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