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The Timoshenko Medal is an award given annually by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to an individual "in recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of applied mechanics."

The Timoshenko Medal, widely regarded as the highest international award in the field of applied mechanics, was established in 1957 in honor of Stephen Timoshenko, world-renowned authority in the field. The Medal "commemorates his contributions as author and teacher."

The actual award is a bronze medal and honorarium. The first award was given in 1957 to Stephen Prokofyevich Timoshenko.

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The Timoshenko Medal Committee consists of the five recent Timoshenko Medalists, the five members of the executive committee of the ASME International Applied Mechanics Division (AMD), and the five recent past chairs of the AMD. See the list of current members of the Committee Upon receiving recommendations from the international community of applied mechanics, the Committee nominates a single medalist every year. This nomination is subsequently approved by the ASME; no case has been reported that the ASME has ever overruled a nomination of the Timoshenko Medal Committee.

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Every year, at the Applied Mechanics Dinner at the ASME winter annual meeting, the Timoshenko Medalist of the year delivers a lecture. Taken as a whole, these lectures provide a long perspective of the field of applied mechanics, as well as capsules of the lives of extraordinary individuals. A project has been initiated to post all Timoshenko Medal Lectures online[1].

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  • ^ Timoshenko Lectures: A project has started to make the Timoshenko Medalist Lectures available on-line

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