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The National Research Tomsk State University, TSU (Russian: Национа́льный иссле́довательский То́мский госуда́рственный университе́т) is a public research university located in Tomsk, Russia. The university, which opened in 1888, was the first university in the Asian part of Russia and, in practice, the first Russian university East of the Volga.

National Research Tomsk State University
Национа́льный иссле́довательский То́мский госуда́рственный университе́т
Former names
  • The Siberian Imperial University (1878–1888)
  • Tomsk University (1888–1934)
  • Tomsk State University named after Valerian Vladimirovich Kuibyshev (1934–1991)
  • Tomsk State University (1991–2010)
MottoMens Mundo Aperiens
Endowment 33 million (2018)[1]
PresidentDr. Georgiy V. Mayer
RectorDr. Eduard V. Galazhinsky
36 Lenin Ave.
, , ,
LanguageRussian, English
NewspaperAlma Mater
Building details
Tomsk State University is located in Tomsk Oblast
Tomsk State University
Location within Tomsk Oblast
General information
LocationTomsk, Russia
Coordinates56°28′10″N 84°56′51″E / 56.4694°N 84.9475°E / 56.4694; 84.9475

There are 23 Faculties and Institutes with 151 Departments and about 23,000 students.[citation needed] In 2022, the university was ranked #272 by QS World University Rankings, #601 by World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, and #901 by Academic Ranking of World Universities.

History edit

Imperial University edit

On May 16 (28 N.S.), 1878, Emperor Alexander II signed a decree on the establishment of the first higher education institution between the Russian Urals and the Pacific Ocean. The move was supported by major industrialist and businessmen, who contributed with private funds, as well as by local city councils in Siberia, but was opposed by conservative voices within the State Council, notably Konstantin Pobedonostsev, who complained about the cost of the project and the fact that local Tomsk society consisted of "all sorts of rabble".[2] Nevertheless, the project progressed, albeit slowly, and on September 1, 1888 the first faculty (medicine) of the Siberian Imperial University named after His Imperial Majesty Alexander III (Russian: Первый Сибирский Томский Императорский (имени Его Императорского Величества Александра III)) finally opened.[3] Classes to the first 72 students were handled by eight professors, aided by seven assistants and laboratory technicians. Professor Nikolai Gezekhus was appointed the first rector of the University. It would take a decade for the second faculty of the university (Law) to become operational.[4]

Recent history edit

In March 2022, Eduard Vladimirovich Galazhinsky, Rector of the university, was suspended by the European University Association (EUA) following support for the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Union of Rectors (RUR), for being "diametrically opposed to the European values that they committed to when joining EUA”.[5] Professor Terry Callaghan, who had helped establish 21 Russian environmental research stations in the Arctic, paused his professorship at Tomsk State University after the rectors’ statement.[6]

Faculties edit

Faculty of Founded in
Mechanics and Mathematics 1948
Physics 1948
Radiophysics 1953
Physics and Engineering 1963
Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics 1970
Biological Institute 1932
Geology and Geography 1933
Chemistry 1932
History 1917
Philology 1917
Philosophy 1987
Journalism 2004
Foreign Languages 1995
Psychology 1997
Physical Education 2005
Innovative Technologies 2009
Computer Studies 1986
Institute of Law 1897
Institute of Economics and Management 2016
Institute of Arts and Culture 1994
Military Education 1926
Pre-courses Department 2015
Higher IT School 2017

Reputation edit

University rankings
Global – Overall
RUR World[7]240 (2018)
Regional – Overall
QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia[9]9 (2022)
THE Emerging Economies[10]70
National – Overall
Ria Novosti National[11]3 (2017)

In 2022, the university was ranked #272 by QS World University Rankings, #601 by World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, and #901 by Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.[12] As of 2017, National Research Tomsk State University was the overall third best classical university in Russia according to RIA Novosti—outperformed only by Moscow State University and Ural Federal University.[11]

Academics edit

SKIF Cyberia supercomputer

The Research Library and Tomsk State University were opened in the same year, 1888. The founder of the library was Vasily Florinskiy – physician and writer, organizer of Tomsk University.[citation needed]

Notable people edit

  • Alexei Didenko – Graduate of Tomsk University law faculty (2005), deputy of Tomsk Oblast duma, and regional coordinator of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.
  • Alexandre Dogiel - Histologist, neuroscientist
  • Nikolay Aleksandrovich Gezehus – First rector of Tomsk University (1888-89), professor and founder of physics research at the university.
  • Nikolay Feofanovich Kaschenko – Professor and founder of the school of vertebrate zoology at Tomsk University, member of Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences, rector of Tomsk University (1893-95), and professor of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.
  • Aleksey Aleksandrovich Kulyabko – Graduated as a doctor of medicine from Tomsk University in 1893, professor at Tomsk University from 1903-24, founder of the School of Physiology.
  • Pyotr Lyashchenko - Economist, served as rector of the university.
  • Ioaniky Malinovsky - Jurist and historian of law, opponent of the death penalty, taught at Tomsk University 1898-1911
  • Fritz Noether - German mathematician and former professor; executed by the Stalinist NKVD.
  • Antonina Polozhy – Graduated Tomsk in 1939, became a professor at the university in the botanical field.
  • Sergey Psakhie – Graduate and former professor of Tomsk University, Chairman of the Presidium of the Tomsk Scientific Centre of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Mikhail Reisner - Lawyer, jurist, historian of law.
  • Grigory Shajn - Graduate and astronomer.
  • Mikhail Usanovich - Professor and physical chemist, known for his generalized acid-base theory.

Nobel laureates edit

References edit

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