Transport Asset Holding Entity


Transport Asset Holding Entity of New South Wales
Agency overview
Formed1 July 2020
TypeState-owned corporation
JurisdictionNew South Wales
Ministers responsible
Agency executive
  • Anne Hayes, Chief Executive (acting)
Key documents
  • Transport Administration Act, 1988 (NSW)
  • State Owned Corporations Act, 1989 (NSW)
WebsiteTransport Asset Holding Entity of New South Wales

Transport Asset Holding Entity of New South Wales (TAHE) is a state-owned corporation of the New South Wales Government in New South Wales, Australia, established under the Transport Administration Act 1988. It was converted and renamed from RailCorp on 1 July 2020.[1][2] As a state-owned corporation, it is not an agency or division of Transport for NSW.[3]

Like its predecessor RailCorp, the TAHE holds rail property assets, rolling stock and rail infrastructure in the Sydney metropolitan area and limited country locations in the state and it makes these assets available to Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink for their operations. Its asset base consists of heavy rail rolling stock, property, land, plant, machinery, trackwork and infrastructure.[2] A sister entity, the Residual Transport Corporation (RTC), which was formed in July 2017, owns assets not suitable for TAHE ownership.[4]

The TAHE will eventually own the state's public transport assets, including ferries.[5][6]

Board of Directors

As a statutory state-owned corporation in New South Wales, the TAHE has a board of directors that is made up of the secretary of Transport for NSW and 3 to 7 directors appointed by the voting shareholders.[3][7] The directors may also include the chief executive of TAHE, currently Anne Hayes as of July 2020. She was previously the deputy secretary of Transport for NSW and will serve the chief executive role on an acting basis for six months until the end of 2020.[6]


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