Truncated hexagonal trapezohedron


Truncated hexagonal trapezohedron
Hexagonal truncated trapezohedron.png
Type Truncated trapezohedron
Conway t6dA6
Faces 12 pentagons, 2 hexagons
Edges 36
Vertices 24
Symmetry group D6d, [12,2+], 2*6, order 24
Rotation group D6, [6,2]+, 226, order 12
Dual polyhedron Gyroelongated hexagonal dipyramid
Properties convex

The truncated hexagonal trapezohedron is the fourth in an infinite series of truncated trapezohedron polyhedra. It has 12 pentagon and 2 hexagon faces.

This polyhedron can be constructed by taking a hexagonal trapezohedron and truncating the polar axis vertices.

Weaire–Phelan structure

Another form of this polyhedron has D2d symmetry and is a part of a space-filling honeycomb along with an irregular dodecahedron, called Weaire–Phelan structure.

Space-filling tetrakaidecahedron.png
irregular tetradecahedron
(Truncated hexagonal trapezohedron)
12-14-hedral honeycomb.png
Weaire–Phelan honeycomb

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