Mission typeEarth observation satellite
OperatorWakayama University
COSPAR ID2014-029B
SATCAT no.39767
WebsiteUNIFORM-1 Page
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass50 kg (110 lb)
Dimensions50 cm × 50 cm × 50 cm (20 in × 20 in × 20 in)[1]
Start of mission
Launch date24 May 2014; 6 years ago (2014-05-24)
RocketH-IIA 202
Launch siteTanegashima, LA-Y
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
RegimeSun Synchronous
Perigee altitude629.8 km
Apogee altitude647.4 km
Period97.5 min
BandS band and X band

UNIFORM-1 or University International Formation Mission is a Japanese micro-satellite launched in 2014.[2] The satellite is built around a wildfire detection camera and features the following instruments:[3][4]

  • Microbolometer infrared camera with resolution 200m and swath width 100 km.
  • visible-light camera to assist in wildfire detection

All instruments are powered by solar cells mounted on the spacecraft body and stub wings, with estimated electrical power of over 100W.


UNIFORM-1 was launched from Tanegashima, Japan, on 24 May 2014 at 03:05:00 UTC by an H-IIA 202.[5]


The satellite is intended for wildfire detection, especially in the south-east Asia region.[6] The satellite has a less accurate infrared sensor compared to other infrared satellites, but an envisioned constellation of UNIFORM satellites would allow for a short revisit time at the fraction of the cost of the Landsat 7 or MODIS satellites. Mission data is down-linked in S-band and X-band, while control up-link is S-band only.[4]

The Wakayama University and JAXA has refused to publish data and/or information which are not officially published.

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