DSP Flight 9.png
A DSP Satellite similar to USA-130
Mission typeMilitary
OperatorDefense Support Program
COSPAR ID1997-008A[1]
SATCAT no.24737Edit this on Wikidata
Spacecraft properties
ManufacturerNorthrop Grumman[2][circular reference]
Dry mass2,380 kg (5,250 lb)[2]
PowerSolar panels[2]
Start of mission
Launch dateFebruary 24, 1997, 20:20 (1997-02-24UTC20:20) UTC[1]
RocketTitan 4B
Launch siteCape Canaveral
Orbital parameters
Semi-major axis42,165 km (26,200 mi)[3]
Perigee altitude35,778.5 km (22,231.7 mi)[3]
Apogee altitude35,810.0 km (22,251.3 mi)[3]
Period1436.1 minutes[3]

USA-130 is an American reconnaissance satellite that was launched in 1997. It was a DSP-I block 5 missile detection satellite run by the Defense Support Program. It is currently out of service.


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