Wideband Global SATCOM.jpg
Artist's impression of a WGS satellite in orbit
Mission typeCommunications
OperatorUS Air Force
COSPAR ID2013-024A
SATCAT no.39168
Mission duration14 years (planned)[1]
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeWGS Block II
Launch mass5,987 kilograms (13,199 lb)[2]
Power11 kW[1]
Start of mission
Launch date25 May 2013, 00:27 (2013-05-25UTC00:27Z) UTC
RocketDelta IV-M+(5,4) D362
Launch siteCape Canaveral SLC-37B
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric
BandX and Ka band
Frequency7.2/8.4 GHz (Military X-Band) 30/20 GHz (Military Ka-Band)

USA-243, also known as WGS-5, is an American military communications satellite. It was the fifth satellite to be launched as part of the Wideband Global SATCOM program,[3] and the second Block II spacecraft.[4]

Constructed by Boeing, USA-243 is based on the BSS-702HP satellite bus. It had a mass at liftoff of 5,987 kilograms (13,199 lb),[2] and a design life of 14 years.[1] Its two solar panels generate upwards of 11 kilowatts of power.[1] The spacecraft is equipped with X and Ka-band transponders. An R-4D bipropellant rocket motor and four XIPS-25 ion engines provide propulsion.[5]

USA-243 was launched by United Launch Alliance. A Delta IV-M+(5,4) rocket, Delta 362, was used to place it into a supersynchronous transfer orbit, from which the spacecraft will be maneuvered into geostationary orbit.[5] It was launched from Space Launch Complex 37B at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 00:27 UTC on 25 May 2013. A launch attempt 24 hours before was cancelled because of a problem with a helium pressurization line.[4] The launch was successful.[6]


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