Ukai Dam


The Ukai Dam, constructed across the Tapi River, is the second largest reservoir in Gujarat after the Sardar Sarovar. It is also known as Vallabh Sagar. Constructed in 1972, the dam is meant for irrigation, power generation and flood control. Having a catchment area of about 62,255 km2 and a water spread of about 52,000 hectares, its capacity is almost same as that of the Bhakra Nangal Dam. The site is located 94 km from Surat.

Ukai dam
Ukai Dam is located in Gujarat
Ukai Dam
Ukai Dam
Official nameUkai Water Resources Project
LocationTapi district
Coordinates21°14′53.67″N 73°35′21.87″E / 21.2482417°N 73.5894083°E / 21.2482417; 73.5894083Coordinates: 21°14′53.67″N 73°35′21.87″E / 21.2482417°N 73.5894083°E / 21.2482417; 73.5894083
Construction began1964
Opening date1972
Construction costRs 1389.6 Million
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsTapi River
Height (foundation)105.156 metres (340 ft)
Length4,927 metres (16,000 ft)
Spillways22, radial
Spillway typeOgee
Spillway capacity46,269 m3/s
Total capacity7,414 MCM OR 261.82 TMCft
Active capacity6,730 MCM OR 237.67 TMCft
Catchment area62,225 square kilometres (6.7×1011 sq ft)
Surface area612 square kilometres (6.6×109 sq ft)
Power Station
Hydraulic head57 metres (190 ft) to 34 metres (110 ft)
Installed capacity300 MW
Ukai dam

The dam is an earth-cum-masonry dam. Its embankment wall is 4,927 m long. Its earth dam is 105.156 meters high, whereas the masonry dam is 68.68 meters high. The dam's left bank canal feeds water to an area of 1,522 km2. and its right canal provides water to 2,275 km2 of land.[1]

A fort built by the Gaekwad dynasty of Baroda was submerged in the reservoir. It can be spotted when water levels in the reservoir goes down.[2]

Photo of Ukai dam

Ukai Hydro Power StationEdit

There are four hydro turbine units, each of 75 MW with a total installed capacity of 300 MW. All the above units were made by BHEL. Commissioning dates of units 1 to 4 are: 8 July 1974, 13 December 1974, 22 April 1975 and 4 March 1976.

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