Uniforms of the United States Space Force


The uniforms of the United States Space Force are the standardized military uniforms worn by members of the U.S. Space Force to distinguish themselves from other U.S. uniformed services.


Becoming an independent service on 20 December 2019, the U.S. Space Force continues to wear the same uniforms that it did as Air Force Space Command, although its first Chief of Space Operations, General John W. Raymond, is working on establishing its own distinctive uniform program.[1]

Service dress uniform

General John Raymond in his official command photo as chief of space operations, wearing the blue service dress uniform.

The Space Force is continuing to use the U.S. Air Force's blue service dress uniform, which was first used by General Raymond at the signing of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act on 20 December 2019, which created the U.S. Space Force.[2] The current blue service dress uniform was initially adopted by the Air Force in 1994, replacing earlier blue service dress uniforms, and continues to be used as of 2020.[3]

The coat itself is single-breasted with three buttons and has one welt pocket on the upper left side and two lower pocket flaps. The buttons are silver-oxided, featuring traditional "Hap Arnold wings". Officer coats feature epaulets for the placement of rank. General officers wear a 1 12-inch-wide (3.8 cm) blue sleeve braid, while all other officers wear a 12-inch-wide (1.3 cm) blue sleeve braid. Like the Air Force, mirror-silver "U.S." insignia are worn on the collars. A silver name tag with blue detailing is worn on the right side of the uniform, while ribbons and occupational badges are worn on the left side of the uniform.[4]

Combat utility uniform

A Space Force general's OCP uniform.

On 17 January 2020, the Space Force announced that its combat utility uniform would be the same OCP uniform as when it was Air Force Space Command. The full-color United States flag is worn on the left side of the uniform. The name tape, branch tape, and rank are embroidered in navy blue, distinguishing it from the OCP uniforms worn by the Army and Air Force. (The Army uses black thread for embroidery and wears the full-color flag on the right arm, except in combat areas where a subdued black flag is used. The Air Force uses spice brown embroidery thread and wears a subdued spice brown flag on the right arm of the uniform at all times.)[1]

Cadet uniform

Space Force cadets, showcasing their distinctive parade dress at the Air Force Academy's graduation for the class of 2020.

Space Force cadets at the United States Air Force Academy wear the standard parade dress uniform with a platinum sash for graduation. Air Force cadets wear the same uniform, but with a gold sash.[5]


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