United States Army Aviation Museum


Coordinates: 31°19′27″N 085°42′47″W / 31.32417°N 85.71306°W / 31.32417; -85.71306

The United States Army Aviation Museum is an aviation museum located on Fort Rucker near Daleville, Alabama. It has the largest collection of helicopters held by a museum in the world.[1][2] The museum features some 50 aircraft on public display with aviation artifacts ranging from a replica of the Wright brothers' Model B military biplane to an AH-64 Apache from Operation Desert Storm. The museum has over 160 aircraft in its collection and holds 3,000 historical items.[3]

United States Army Aviation Museum
U.S. Army Aviation Museum (front Cobra) 3845 (2076803508).jpg
An AH-1S Cobra helicopter in front of the museum
Open to public: 1968
LocationFort Rucker, Alabama 36362
DirectorArmy Aviation Museum Foundation


On displayEdit

Sikorsky R-4B
AH-56A Cheyenne
UH-60 Blackhawk

Other notable aircraftEdit

Sources: US Army Aviation Museum collection pages[4][5][6]

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