United States Coast Guard officer rank insignia


United States Coast Guard officer rank insignia describes an officer's pay-grade. Rank is displayed on collar devices, shoulder boards, and on the sleeves of dress uniforms.

US DoD Pay Grade O-10 O-9 O-8 O-7 O-6 O-5 O-4 O-3 O-2 O-1
Insignia USCG O-10 insignia.svg USCG O-9 insignia.svg USCG O-8 insignia.svg USCG O-7 insignia.svg USCG O-6 insignia.svg USCG O-5 insignia.svg USCG O-4 insignia.svg USCG O-3 insignia.svg USCG O-2 insignia.svg USCG O-1 insignia.svg
Title Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Rear Admiral
(lower half)
Captain Commander Lieutenant
Lieutenant Lieutenant
(junior grade)
NATO Code OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1

All Coast Guard officers are line officers, unlike the Navy, which has a staff corps to identify certain career fields.

U.S. Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer specialty insignia worn on the collar and shoulder boards (depicted left)
Warrant Officer grade structure of the United States Coast Guard
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Chief Warrant Officer 3 Chief Warrant Officer 2
USCG CW4 insignia.svg
USCG CW3 insignia.svg
USCG CW2 insignia.svg

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed auxiliary service of the Coast Guard. The unit does not use the Coast Guard rank system, but uses modified Coast Guard officer rank insignia to signify a member's position within the organization. For example, a Flotilla Commander wears insignia similar to a Lieutenant.

USCG Auxiliary Insignia

USCG Auxiliary officers wear silver braid insignia (referred to as "office insignia") instead of gold; with a "hollow" USCG shield above containing the letters "USCG" superimposed above a red "A" (to signify an appointed officer") or silver "A" (to signify an elected officer). Metal and sew-on insignia are identical to Coast Guard officer insignia, except that a red, blue, or black "A" is superimposed.

Auxiliarists generally do not use titles in direct address, with the exception of a few very senior leaders who are addressed as "Commodore."

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