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Universe Today (U.T.) is a popular North American-based non-commercial space and astronomy news website. The domain was registered on December 30, 1998,[2] and the website went live in March 1999, founded by Canadian Fraser Cain.[3] The Universe Today assumed its current form on July 24, 2003, featuring astronomy news and space-related issues.

Universe Today
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News and articles
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OwnerFraser Cain
Created byFraser Cain[1]
LaunchedMarch 23, 1999; 23 years ago (1999-03-23)

By early September 2005, the forum section merged with Bad Astronomy as a combined site with the BAUT forum. During April 2011, the Association of British Science Writers noted that Universe Today decided not to make preparations for reporting on embargoed stories until they are public knowledge.[4][5]

Emily Lakdawalla said that she relies on Universe Today and Bad Astronomy to "give ... an independent look at big news stories".[6]

Fraser Cain - YouTube Channel
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Also known asFraser Cain, Universe Today
  • UniverseToday
Created byFraser Cain
GenreSpace, Astronomy
(June 7, 2019)
Total views30,552,688[7]
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Universe Today has published two books, which are available both as e-books and on physical media:

  • Plotner, Tammy; Barbour, Jeff (2006). What's Up 2006: 365 Days of Skywatching (PDF). ISBN 978-1-4116-8287-0.
  • Plotner, Tammy (2006). What's Up 2007: 365 Days of Skywatching. ISBN 978-0-9782214-0-9. Archived from the original on 2007-02-02.

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