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According to UNESCO (2013),[1] there are different braille alphabets for Urdu in India and in Pakistan. The Indian alphabet is based on national Bharati Braille, while the Pakistani alphabet is based on Persian Braille.

Pakistani Urdu Braille
Script type
Print basis
Urdu alphabet
LanguagesUrdu (in Pakistan)
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Indian Urdu Braille
Script type (?)
Print basis
LanguagesUrdu (In India)
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Differences from Persian and Bharati BrailleEdit

Besides the addition of Urdu-specific consonants analogous to the additional letters in the print Urdu alphabet compared to the Persian alphabet, Pakistani Urdu Braille differs from Persian Braille in the transcription of the print letter ژ ž, which is written as a digraph in Urdu braille rather than as Persian , which in Urdu is used for ڈ .

Indian Urdu Braille differs from other Bharati braille alphabets in having several letters borrowed from Persian, such as for ق q (Bharati kṣ), for ح (Bharati ), and for ع (Bharati ). Another such letter, for خ x, is shared with Gurmukhi Braille ਖ਼ x but with no other Bharati alphabet, where is otherwise the vowel o.


Note: It is not clear if these are written right-to-left or left-to-right. The directionality of some of the digraphs may have gotten confused.
Print Pakistan India
ا   (?)
آ ā  
ب b  
بھ bh    
پ p  
پھ ph  
ت t  
تھ th    
ٹ  [2]  
ٹھ ṭh  [2]  
ث /s/     
ج j  
جھ jh  
چ c  
چھ ch  
خ x  
د d  
دھ dh   [3]  
ڈھ ḍh   [3]  
ذ /z/     
ر r  
ڑھ ṛh   [3]   
ز z  
ژ ž   [4]   
س s  
ش š  
ص /s/  
ض /z/     
ط /t/     
ظ ż /z/     
غ ğ     
ف f  
ق q  
ک k  
کھ kh   [3]  
گ g  
گھ gh   [3]  
ل l  
م m  
ن n  
ں (nasal)  
و v/w   v  
ه h  
ء   (?)
ی y   y  
ے ē   ē  
َ◌ a   (?)
ِ◌ i   (same?)
ُ◌ u   (same?)
ّ◌ (dbl)   (?)

It is not clear if vowels in Indian Urdu Braille follow pronunciation and their Devanagari Braille equivalents, or print orthography.


Pakistani Urdu Braille has several contractions beyond the aspirated consonants:

كو , سا , نا ,[5] و ن گ , نا ,[5] نے , يا , لا , بے , اء .[6]


Basic punctuation in Pakistan is the same as in India. See Bharati Braille#Punctuation.

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