VSS Imagine


VSS Imagine
ManufacturerThe Spaceship Company
Country of originUnited States
OperatorVirgin Galactic
ApplicationsSuborbital spaceflight
Spacecraft typeSpaceplane
SeriesSpaceShip III
StatusIn development

VSS Imagine (Virgin Space Ship Imagine), is a SpaceShip III class suborbital rocket-powered crewed spaceplane. It is the first SpaceShip III to be built and will be used as part of the Virgin Galactic fleet. The spacecraft was rolled out 30 March 2021 and is planned to undergo ground and glide testing during summer 2021.[1]


VSS Imagine, the first SpaceShip III suborbital spaceplane for Virgin Galactic was announced on 25 February 2021 and was rolled out 30 March 2021. It is one of two SpaceShip III class spacecraft on order by Virgin Galactic, the second being VSS Inspire.[2]


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