Vandenberg Space Launch Complex 1


Space Launch Complex 1
Space Launch Complex-1 East (SLC-5E).JPG
Space Launch Complex 1 East (SLC-1E)
Launch siteVandenberg SFB
Short nameSLC-1
OperatorUS Space Force
Launch pad(s)Two
Launch history

Space Launch Complex 1 (SLC-1) was a launch pad at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, United States. SLC-1 consisted of two pads, SLC-1E and SLC-1W. Both sites were built in 1958 for the never activated 75th Strategic Missile Squadron for Thor Agena A launches. SLC-1E launch pad 75-3-5, SLC-1W launch pad 75-3-4. Both were upgraded to a Space Launch Complex (SLC) in 1966. Deactivated with phaseout of Thor-Agena. SLC-1E deactivated 1968, 45 launches; SLC-1W deactivated in 1971, 56 launches.


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Coordinates: 34°45′26″N 120°37′40″W / 34.757171°N 120.627796°W / 34.757171; -120.627796