Vega flight VV04


Vega flight VV04
The Vega launch vehicle and IXV spacecraft, depicted in front of the Earth
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Vega launch
Launch11 February 2015 (2015-02-11), 13:40:00 UTC
PadKourou ELV
PayloadIntermediate eXperimental Vehicle
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Vega flight VV04 is the space launch of the IXV experimental re-entry vehicle by the 4th Vega rocket.


The flight was a single-payload mission that put the IXV prototype spaceplane into sub-orbital spaceflight. The total payload mass was approximately 1,932 kilograms (4,259 lb), including the spacecraft and its adapter.


The Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle (abbreviated IXV) was 5.058 metres (16.59 ft) long, 1.540 metres (5 ft 0.6 in) high, and 2.2369 metres (7 ft 4.07 in) wide.[1] It had a lift-off mass of approximately 1,845 kilograms (4,068 lb), and was the only payload of the flight.

IXV was designed and manufactured by a consortium led by Thales Alenia Space.

Mission description

Launch time and location

The launch was initially foreseen for 1 November 2014 but was postponed to allow further analyses of the flight path. The 4th successful Vega flight finally took place on 11 February 2015 at 13:40:00 UTC (10:00:00 local time) from the ELV launch pad at the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana.


The sub-orbital flight was planned to last about 100 minutes from lift-off until splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, near coordinate 3°18′N 123°10′W / 3.3°N 123.16°W / 3.3; -123.16.[1]


The mission was the 4th launch of the Vega launcher (the 1st out of 3 in 2015), and the 261st Arianespace mission (the 1st in 2015).


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