FunctionSpace Tug
ManufacturerMomentus Space
Country of originUnited States
Cost per launch4.5 million
Payload to LEO250 kg
Launch history
StatusIn Development
Total launches0

Vigoride is a space tug that is currently under development by Momentus Space.[1] The total payload capacity that it can support to LEO is 250 kg with a future upgrade that could support up to 750 kg.[2][3] Vigoride is capable of changing orbital planes, inclination, and propelling spacecraft to up to 2,000 km. It also provides small satellite operators access to power, communications, and station keeping while with the tug.[1] Momentus states that the cost is roughly 15,000 per kg depending on the exact customer specifications.[4] Vigoride uses a microwave electrothermal thruster (MET) and water as the propellant. In 2019, the first test of the MET in space was completed and was deemed a success in a press release,[5] while the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission accused it of misleading investors.[6] Its first mission is currently scheduled for early 2021. The maiden launch was originally scheduled for January 2021, but was delayed due to Momentus not being able to receive FAA approval before the launch.[7] On 22 March 2021, a Vigoride mock-up named Vigoride SC was launched in place of a functional Vigoride. In October 2020, the company stated that it had already booked 1.5 Vigorides out of the 3 planned to be launched in December 2021.[8]

List of Upcoming Launches

Mission Name Date Launch Vehicle Payload ( ~ = Picosatellite) Customer
Vigoride (VR-1)


June 1, 2022[10] United States Falcon 9 Block 5 Netherlands ISILAUNCH deployer ISISPACE
United Kingdom SteamSat-1[11] SteamJet
Poland LabSat[12] SatRevolution
Poland AustraliaSW1FTVISION[13] SatRevolution / Spiral Blue
Taiwan NUTSAT[12] Gran Systems
Vigoride (VR-2) Demo 2 June 1, 2022 United States Falcon 9 Block 5 Poland STORK-1[14][15] SatRevolution
Poland STORK-2[14][15] SatRevolution
Poland STORK-3[14][15] SatRevolution
United Kingdom SteamSat-2[15] SteamJet
Taiwan IRIS-A[16][15] Odysseus
Canada Kepler-16[17][18][15] Kepler
Canada Kepler-17[17][18][15] Kepler
United States Gossamer[19] LunaSonde
United States BRONCOSAT-1[20] Bronco Space / Cal Poly Pomona University
Singapore Zeus x 2[21][22] Qosmosys / NuSpace
Italy FEES-2[20] GP Advanced Projects S.r.l
Netherlands ISILAUNCH deployer x 4[20][15] ISISPACE
United States Deployer[15] Planetary Systems Corp.
Vigoride Commercial 1 October 1, 2022 United States Falcon 9 Block 5 Singapore Zeus [21][22] Qosmosys / NuSpace
Vigoride 2022 United States Falcon 9 Block 5 United States Luxembourg Vigoride Robotic Arm Demo[23] Made In Space / Momentus Space
Ardoride (Lunar Mission) 2024 TBD Canada LEAP Payload[24] Canadensys
Singapore Zeus MS x 2[25] Qosmosys / NuSpace
Singapore QosmoBox[26] Qosmosys / Momentus
Virgoride (Delayed or Unassigned Payloads) Delayed from VR-2 TBD United States Dodona (La Jument 2)[20][15] Lockheed Martin / USC
Italy REVELA[27][15] ARCA Dynamics
India BHAARATHIYA-SAT[20][15] Space Kidz India
NET 2022 TBD United States Xona Alpha[28] Xona Space Systems
United States SSPD-1[29] California Institute of Technology
United States VariSat x ?[30] Proxops
Singapore NuX-1[31] Aliena / NuSpace
Norway SelfieSat[32] Orbit NTNU
Denmark DISCO-1[33] Danish Students CubeSat Program
NET Q4 2023 TBD United Kingdom EarthTV x 4[30] Sen


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