Vucub-Came Macula


Vucub-Came Macula
The Brass Knuckles chain of equatorial dark regions on Pluto
Coordinates10°S 40°W / 10°S 40°W / -10; -40Coordinates: 10°S 40°W / 10°S 40°W / -10; -40
EponymWuquub' Kameh

Vucub-Came is one of the "Brass Knuckles", a series of equatorial dark regions on Pluto. It is named after Wuquub' Kameh [ʋuˈqʰuːɓ̥ kʰəˈmeh] "Seven Death", one of the Quiché death gods in the Popol Vuh.[1][2]

Cthulhu and the "Knuckles". Vucub-Came is a small region at the right, just west of Hun-Came.

Vucub-Came Macula is the fourth-largest dark spot on Pluto. Its surface is covered with tholins which give Vucub-Came its brown color. The dark spot is surrounded with tall uplands. Extensive fault systems in this area have formed deep canyons running roughly north–south.[3]


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