Vukašin Mandrapa
Frescoe of Vukašin Jasenovački in Saint Sava temple in Belgrade.jpg
Frescoe of Vukašin Jasenovački in Saint Sava Temple in Belgrade
Klepci, Ottoman Empire (modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Jasenovac, Independent State of Croatia

Saint Vukašin Mandrapa (Serbian Cyrillic: Вукашин Мандрапа) (died 1942/1943), also known as Vukašin of Klepci (Serbian: Свети Вукашин из Клепаца) is a saint and a martyr of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

His surname and place of birth are disputed. Several sources claim his surname was actually Toholj, and some claim he was from the village of Lokve and not Klepci. The years of his death is also disputed, as either 1942 or 1943.[1] According to one story, Vukašin was a farmer and merchant, born in Klepci.[2]

He and his family lived in Sarajevo and then returned to Klepci, but were arrested and sent to the Independent State of Croatia's Jasenovac death camp, for refusing to convert from Eastern Orthodox Christianity to Catholicism. Mandrapa was listed among the victims of Jasenovac in 2007.[1]

According to testimony given in 1970 by neuropsychiatrist Nede Zec who was detained in Jasenovac, Mandrapa was singled out by a Croatian Ustaše, surnamed Friganović (first name Josip or Mile), who had observed his stoic behavior during the forced labor days and the slaughter of prisoners at night. Mandrapa is held to have been mutilated, tortured, and murdered, reportedly after repeatedly refusing to praise Ustaše leader Ante Pavelić.[3]

Ivo Rendić-Miočević, a Croatian historian, and Filip Škiljan, a Croatian academic, both concluded that Zec's story cannot be substantiated, and have questioned the historical existence of Vukašin Mandrapa.[1]

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