Typesatellite data relay
IndustrySatellite communication
FoundedAugust 2016 in Tsukuba, Japan
FounderToshihiro Kameda
Productssatellite communication devices

Warpspace is a private Japanese company developing an inter-satellite communication system based on laser communication.[1] Warpspace is developing a medium Earth orbit satellite, WarpHub InterSat, which will communicate with other satellites in low Earth orbit using optical communication, then pass on the received data to ground stations.[1][2]


Warpspace was founded in 2016 as a spin-off company of Tsukuba University.[3] In 2017, the company tested a mobile ground control station, receiving data from Tsukuba University's ITF-2 CubeSat in low Earth orbit.[4] In July 2018, Warpspace announced a 'space bridal service' in which wedding plaques were to be sent to space, by placing them on a satellite and releasing it from the International Space Station (ISS).[5][6] According to media reports, astronauts staying on the ISS were to take photographs of the satellite during its deployment.[7] The company signed a contact to deploy a satellite from the ISS's Kibo Module in 24 August 2018.[8] In February 2020, Warpspace's first satellite, WARP-01 was unveiled during an event in Tsukuba city.[9] As of September 2020, WARP-01 is planned to be launched in 3 February 2021.[10]

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