Wieker Bodden


The Wieker Bodden is a lagoon or bodden, that is largely surrounded by the German Baltic Sea island of Rügen. It is part of the North Rügen Bodden Chain.

Location of the Wieker Bodden near Rügen
Surfers on the Wieker Bodden near Wiek
Wieker Bodden is the big lagoon in the left-hand side


The Wieker Bodden lies between the peninsula of Bug to the west and the main section of the peninsula of Wittow in the north and east. In the south the bodden is bounded by the Rassower Strom, which forms a link from the Vitter Bodden in the west to the Großer Jasmunder Bodden in the east.

Neighbouring municipalitiesEdit

The bodden gets its name from the village of Wiek on its perimeter. Apart from Wiek the larger village of Dranske also lies on the Wieker Bodden.

Loading ramp at WiekEdit

In Wiek the construction of a loading bridge was started before the First World War for the shipping from Kreide. The bridge is still there today, albeit in a state of decay.


In the northern part of the bodden it is very shallow and thus very popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers.

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Panoramic view over the Wieker Bodden and Dranske. From a small hillock at the eastern exit of the village of Dranske

Coordinates: 54°36′N 13°15′E / 54.600°N 13.250°E / 54.600; 13.250