Williams J400


J400 / WR2 / WR24
Yewrx 1b (23445590879).jpg
WR24 turbojet on display at the Planes of Fame Air Museum
Type Turbojet
National origin United States
Manufacturer Williams International
First run 1960s
Major applications Canadair CL-89
BQM-74 Chukar

The Williams International/Rolls-Royce J400 is a small turbojet engine jointly created by Williams International and Rolls-Royce to power target drones.


The J400 is a single-shaft, centrifugal/centrifugal-axial flow turbojet engine. There are two versions of the J400, the WR2 which yields 125 lbs. of thrust, and the more powerful WR24, which yields 190-240 pounds of thrust.[1][2]


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